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Space Ninjas onlineSpace Ninjas

The science fiction television show Stranger Than Fiction, with its charismatic host Jack Strange airs its latest episode. This prelude presents a classified incident that allegedly took place at a high school somewhere in Asia. The story introduces five misfit students that are attending a Saturday evening detention. Skater girl Stanlei, Zack the nerd, Tammy miss popular, Keiko the Japanese exchange student and Omar the jock. Stanlei visits the eccentric science teacher Professor Rosencrantz and after a bizarre discussion involving toast, the laws of gravity and cats she makes her way to detention. She enters just as the deputy head Mr. Hughes concludes his lecture on the students behavior as a result of their punishment. After an ugly exchange of words between Stanlei and Mr. Hughes, he leaves the students to continue their detention. As the night progresses an elite group of alien Space Ninjas invade the secluded school pursuing the students. The group stumble across a very ...
  • Metai: 2019
  • Kalba: Anglų kalba
  • Kokybė: HDRip
  • Šalis: UK
  • Trukmė: 1 Val. 31 min.
  • Žanras: Filmai, Komedijos, Rekomenduojame
  • Režisierius: Scott McQuaid
  • Aktoriai: Amirul Afiq Bin Amri, Jon T. Benn, Razif Hashim, Godfrey Ho, Yi Jane, Jay Mago, Brian Narelle, Mia...
  • Informacija: English
Space Ninjas

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